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Happy New Year 2019

2018 is over. It’s been a busy and exciting year.
We hope you all had a great selling year!

The Online Arbitrage game changed (again) a lot this year.
With more changes on brand restrictions, inventory restrictions, increasing fees and what not.

We hope you keep joining us and make 2019 another great year.

The Primeresale team

Restricted Categories OA lists coming soon

It’s been a while since we last updated our blog. We have been busy with the plans for our new service and our blog got kind of forgotten..
We’ll try to make up for that and we’ll try to post more free product tips in the future.

We received lots of emails and Facebook messages regarding the availability of a restricted category OA list. Today we can finally announce our new service: Restricted Categories OA List

These lists will have 8 items each with at least 40% ROI per product, after all costs and fees are calculated. The product recommendations are from the categories that require approval from Amazon to be sold;

– Beauty
– Health & Personal Care
– Shoes, Handbags & Sunglasses (only some items on the new lists)
– Grocery & Gourmet Foods
– Other restricted items

We are currently testing the service with a small group of customers. The expected public availability will be end of March – beginning of April. f you want to receive an email once the service is ready for launch please use the sign-up from below.

Custom Lists – Now available after private testing

We already announced it on Facebook: our custom list service is now available!

Do you need products that make you at least $10 profit? Products from the “Toys & Games” category that have a sales rank of 25K or less? Only products where Amazon is not a seller?

These are just some ideas.
Use the contact form to send us your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a proposal.

We currently provide custom lists for the “ungated categories”.
Gated categories will follow later this year.

Contact us for more information.

Facebook Group now over 100 members.

A while back I promised that if we would have more than 100 members in our Facebook group i would give some discounts..
Well, we reached 100+ members on our group this week! Thank you all for joining our growing group!

Use these coupon codes during checkout to activate the discounted subscriptions:
(offer expires on August 19, 2015)

code: “month” $97 now $77
code: “week” $30 now $22
code: “day” $7.50 now $5

Click here to sign up.


Hi there, welcome to the blog.

On this blog we will share information and tips for retail arbitrage.
We are amazon fba sellers with years of experience. Please send any questions you might have about amazon fba via email and we might be able to write a blog post answering your question.

Come back regularly to read our tips and join the discussion.

Follow us on facebook and twitter where we sometimes post free retail arbitrage recommendations.

We recently launched our retail arbitrage product lists service. Please check if this is something you or your business can use.