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Primeresale Online Arbitrage List

We manually scour the web for profitable online arbitrage opportunities.

You get the best of our research delivered straight to your inbox.

● Product lists with 35 or 50 products each, all perfect for online arbitrage via Amazon FBA

Up to 180% profit margin on every single product recommendation

● Sourced from the largest online retailers – no guesswork or uncertainty

"It’s retail arbitrage without the time investment"

Traditional retail arbitrage takes a ton of time. After scouring the web for even a single potential product, you have to cross-check the item through Amazon, calculate shipping costs, check for other sellers, check the sales rank of the product… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Even if you’re a RA expert, this is still an unavoidable process. If you avoid the full process and cut corners, you may well end up buying a bad product and losing money or breaking even. That’s not fear-mongering – it’s the reality of retail arbitrage. Doing your homework is vital.

At the end of the day, even if you invest hours into sourcing products, you may only come up with a couple of surefire winners – if that.




Online Arbitrage lists from Primeresale remove all of this hassle

You download the daily list, check out the products, purchase the ones that look good to you, send them to Amazon, and proceed to reap the profits. No manual labor required aside from clicking the buy button on the products that you like.

Here’s what we look for in products

  • Light, small products so that shipping costs are negligible
  • Products that sell fast on Amazon so that you turn items over almost immediately
  • Products with a 35% profit margin or higher (sometimes up to 180%!)
  • Low-price products in the $4 to $40 range – most are between $4 and $20
  • Only the most trusted retailers on the web – no sketchy shops that take weeks to ship


On top of that, we also look for further deals and discounts to save you even more money. We always look for the best prices and coupons to get you the lowest purchase price possible. These extra discounts really add up over time!

No automation – all deals found manually

Almost all other providers of retail arbitrage lists are using automated programs. Their programs scrape thousands of products, check for a few different metrics, and if a product meets all of those metrics, it is automatically sent to you.

Sounds good in theory… but a hiccup in their software means that you buy a bad product and lose money or break even. These automated programs benefit the sellers of the lists because they collect your money without lifting a finger, but you often pay for the mistakes that they make.

We’re different – we do not use any automated programs.

We have dedicated staff members (yes, multiple workers) working around the clock, doing nothing but scour the web and find you products. They take everything into account before signing off on a product – weight, dimensions, sales rank, other sellers, FBA or MF, etc. In fact, we analyze over 12 metrics for every single potential product.

The human touch really does go a long way. When you look at your list, all of those products will be profitable… not just some of them.


Very little risk – we’ve been doing this for years

We have been doing retail arbitrage ourselves for years. We know everything. The best retailers, the best deal sites, the deal sites that no one else knows about, the best rebate providers, etc.

After getting this almost-scientific process down, we trained a dedicated team to do it for us (we mentioned them above). All of the mistakes they’ve made have been on our dime. Now, all of our product recommendations are bulletproof, and you don’t have to worry if a product is actually good or not. They all are.

Multiple List Options

The 35-list – getting your feet wet in online arbitrage? You get 35 OA products on this list for $27 and will receive it in your mailbox.

The 50-list – $37, the best value. You get 50 OA products on this list and will receive it in your mailbox. One good Amazon flip will easily cover this cost.

Limited to 50 orders per month – click here to see if there’s a slot available. 50 because it allows us to cover our research costs while still keeping the pool very exclusive. It’s the perfect medium.

Why not just sell yourself?

Ah, yes. We thought you’d never ask.

The million dollar question: if all of these products are perfect for online arbitrage, why are you selling them in subscription form and not just buying and selling the products yourself?

Here is our honest answer.

We have been doing retail and online arbitrage for a long time. We have made a ton of money doing it. And truth be told, it’s been a fun ride with a lot of memories made along the way.

But retail arbitrage was never the end game – it’s always been our dream to create and sell our own products, not the products of others. You might feel the same way… very few people dream of being retail arbitrage experts when they’re kids.

Now that we have the necessary knowledge and startup funds, we can delve into those more advanced business pursuits that would have made our heads spin when we first started Amazon RA.

But we’re not leaving completely. We’re still well aware that there is a ton of money on the table, and we want a slice of the pie, even if we’re not directly involved in buying and selling. From a business perspective, it’d be foolish to just “get out” entirely.

So we’ve trained a team to just source products for online arbitrage… this way, you take on the time investment of the literal buying and selling of products (and the profit that comes with that), and we can use our time on other ideas while still making a bit of cash off of you and your subscription list.

Hey… just being honest.

Everyone saves time and everyone makes money. You pay us for our years of sourcing knowledge and the time it takes for our team to source products for you. We still make money off of the online arbitrage goldmine (in the form of you paying us for a product sourcing subscription) while still having time to pursue other ventures.

Simple. Easy.

That’s Prime Resale.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at any time. If you’re ready to go, you can buy one of our online arbitrage list packages here.

Remove the guesswork - get profitable OA products in your inbox!